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For Skybrary Customer Service, Tech Support, General Questions and Comments:


Please contact:


For Tech Support please include as

much of the following information as you can:


Where product was purchased:
* Our website
* iTunes Store
* Android Store
* Kindle Store
* Received as a gift


Device Type:
* Computer (PC or Mac, Laptop or Desktop, include Brand and Model)
* Tablet (iPad, Android, or Kindle, include Brand and Model)
* Mobile (iPhone or Android, include Brand and Model)


Screen Size:
* 6″ to 22″


Operating System:
* Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.13
* Windows 8
* Other


Please include best phone number to reach you on (we’ll only call if absolutely necessary).


For media requests or inquiries for LeVar, please contact:


We appreciate your feedback and comments. Please note that any feedback, reviews, and comments you provide are non-proprietary to you and not confidential, and we wholly own and can use all such information without restriction, compensation, credit, or any other acknowledgment whatsoever.