Skybrary for school can be tailored to any instructional setting and used at school and at home. The extensive library of books, videos and lesson plans is designed for all levels of students in grades K-3 across multiple subject areas.

How do Educators Use Skybrary?

Whether you have just a few or multiple devices, Skybrary supports a combination of whole class, small group and independent learning.

Independent Reading & Learning

Let students login and practice their reading anytime, anywhere with an age appropriate library. Customized to their interests and designed to motivate reading, each students usage is tracked. Supplemental lessons include offline writing and project-based activities that can be completed independently by students in class or at home.  

Small Group Learning

Host literature circles or small group activity centers. Encourage students to work together, even sharing devices, to read aloud books, watch videos and collaborate on learning projects. Big Thinker Questions found at the end of each book prompt deeper discussion and build comprehension skills. Lesson plans include printables, writing projects readers theatre and other activites to extend the learning. 

Whole Class Teaching

Introduce a new topic or reinforce a concept with this rich multimedia resource of quality books and educational video segments. Just connect your device to a large screen and present any of the content in the service to your entire class. Try our flexible, instructional themed units which each include large group discussions.  

Who is Skybrary For?

Especially for K-3rd grade educators and their students.